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365/366 Photo a Day Blog | About the PAD

About the 365/366 PAD Photoblog

On January first of oh-eight, I decided that 2008 was the year to give this whole 365 Photo a Day thing a try. Of course it was a leap year, so it was actually a 366 PAD ;)

I made it through the year without missing a day, taking and posting 366 new photos! It was quite the amazing journey (and commitment)!

I decided to continue the project into 2009, but on a more relaxed scale. I'll continue to post a new photo each day, but have the option to return to the archives if necessary; not required to actually take a new shot each day.

Visit focalization.com or MoonwellPhotography.com for more photos!

All work showcased on this Web site is © 2001-2015 Jason Bradwell. It may not be used or reproduced without my prior written consent.

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January 18, 2015
Iowa Energy 2014-15
January 17, 2015
Can't Hold Me Back
January 16, 2015
January 15, 2015
January 14, 2015

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  01.20.2015 1:39pm
It Takes Guts
  02.04.2014 9:37am
Bitty Fi
  09.15.2013 7:43pm
The Incident
  08.02.2013 9:05pm
  07.31.2013 8:47pm

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