Qwuata Dolla : April 04, 2008

Qwuata Dolla
Image Data
File Name: 20D_19088
Model: Canon EOS 20D
Lens: Canon EF 100mm F/2.8 USM Macro
Date: 04.03.08 11:45pm
Focal Length: 100mm (160mm)
Shutter: 1/3 s
F-Stop: F4
ISO: 400
Program: Aperture priority
Metering Mode: Evaluative
Flash: Off
Focus Mode: One shot AF

Qwuata Dolla

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They really should have made the 25 cent piece 25mm in diameter, don't you think? Guess it doesn't really matter since the US won't adopt the metric system anyway.

Only three nations in all the world have rejected what the rest of the have figured out makes more sense. Sure, we're all used to the meaningless forms of measure and can have a hard time visualizing their metric equivalents, but the metric system really is easier to work with (try converting miles to yards in your head, now kilometers to meters). We'd get used to it though. It's just a matter of using it every day.

I'm decent with metric units of length, since pretty much every bolt and nut on my car is metric. It's remembering how grams & kilograms relate to ounces & pounds that I always seem to forget. But I'm sure our stubborn nation will hold on to fathoms and furlongs until its fall.

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Colin   04.04.08 6:45pm  
Imperial units aren't that hard.

4 poppyseeds to a barleycorn. 3 barleycorns to an inch. 4 inches to a hand. 3 hands to a foot. 3 feet to a yard. 2 yards to a fathom. 2.75 fathoms to a rod. 4 rods to a chain. 10 chains to a furlong. 8 furlongs to a mile. 3 miles to a league.

A rood is a rod by a furlong. 4 roods to an acre (also a chain by a furlong).

Computing feet in a mile is easy: 66*10*8=5280.

Computing square feet in an acre is easy: 66*660=43560.

I'm a nerd. And proud of it...mostly.

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