2.35:1 : March 25, 2008

Image Data
File Name: 20D_18068
Model: Canon EOS 20D
Lens: Canon EF-S 17-85mm F4-F5.6 IS USM
Date: 03.24.08 11:28pm
Focal Length: 72mm (115mm)
Shutter: 1/8 s
F-Stop: F11
ISO: 200
Ex Bias: +1
Program: Aperture priority
Metering Mode: Evaluative
Flash: Off
Focus Mode: One shot AF


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The aspect ratio of this photo has been cropped to the actual aspect ratio of this movie, 2.35:1.

Now, if you're saying to yourself that the frames on the filmstrip don't appear to be proportionately as wide as this photo, that is because they aren't! The film was produced with an anamorphic lens (Well, not really, since this is an animation, but that is how it would work with a live-action movie), so the picture is optically "squeezed" in the horizontal dimension to cover the entire film frame, resulting in a better picture quality. When projecting the film, the projector must use a complementary lens of the same anamorphic power to stretch the image horizontally back to its original proportions. So the image is basically made wider by the projector when viewing. Which is why Homer and Bart look a little skinnier than normal (nice try, Homer!). The anamorphic diet is all the rage in Europe right now. Now pull that hammer out of your eye.

Thanks to my brother, K-Bizzle for snagging this gem from the theater.

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Colin   03.25.08 6:53pm  
And you can see the analog audio (white strips) and Dolby Digital (magenta; between sprocket holes) along the right side. On the outside the light blue strips are the Sony Dynamic Digital Sound tracks.

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